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We are now embarking on a series of sponsored/fundraising events to enable us to buy some new equipment for Ruby.  We are aiming to buy;

A bike trailer which then turns into a buggy when you reach your destination, this will enable Ruby to come on family bike rides.
A chill out pea pod chair - this is a relaxed chair to go in the lounge but which has some hidden support to help ruby stay comfortable.
A new chair for her electric wheelchair - following last years spinal surgery, rubys wheelchair seat has become very uncomfortable for her and we need to get the experts in from Etac Balder to change the seat and make it more user friendly
Finally.... we are going to try an Upsee! This is a harness which goes around ruby and then a harness which goes around me or her dad and which connects our feet with sandals, enabling us to do a bit of walking to stretch those legs out :-)

Our wonderful music teacher and office support at Rushwick Primary, Mrs Caroline Waldren is going to embark on a walk from Malvern to Snowdonia - she will be stopping with various kind friends along the way and would welcome sponsors to support her on her journey - Caroline will be setting up a facebook page with a paypal facility if anyone would like to pay directly into Rubys fundraising account - GOOD LUCK Caroline x

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