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When Ruby started at Rushwick Pre-School, staff and parents immediately launched into fundraising to enable her to have the equipment she needed to be able to make the most of her time with her friends at school. That was just the start of the amazing generosity of local people, friends and relatives.  Listed below are the fundraising events to date:

Sponsored walk at pre-school raised a staggering £1,924.00
The Round Table provided Ruby's first electric wheelchair which cost £4,524.00
Ruby's Grampa and Uncle Giles matched that amount and put in another £4,000
Jewellery party hosted by Ruby's Godmother Mary Burton raised £256.50
Martley Bowles Club donated £40.00
The Whitehall pub at Rushwick raised £1,030.00
Sponsored swim at Top Barn Outdoor Centre raised £1,378.00
Donations from friends in the playground which included Molly's meerkat which sold on e-bay for £101.00, the Gluttony Club £109.00 and friends personal donation £40.00.
Hanna Maulcay raised £259.00 from
selling Christmas wreaths to her husband's colleagues
Tesco Muscular Dystrophy Campaign have funded a cough assist machine for Ruby to enable her to clear her lungs when suffering from a chest infection.

A huge THANK YOU to all of you who have donated your time and money to Ruby's cause.  What we have raised so far has provided equipment that has made life for Ruby so much easier.  There are so many pieces of specialist equipment that Ruby needs in order to live life comfortably and as she gets older she needs more and more.  Unfortunately because a lot of this equipment is not mass produced it is hugely expensive and therefore we have to keep up the fundraising.

The amounts raised above have funded a potty chair, a standing frame for school, a trike for school, a bee chair for home, a sleep system for night time and a floor seat.

Ruby with her big sister Maddy

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